“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to rerturn”

What is Fly X

FUN 100%

Fly X is a vertical wind tunnel where Indoor Skydiving is performed. Indoor Skydiving or Body Flying was developed in the early 80s as a way to train for outdoor skydiving both for civilian and military use. Over the decades, thanks to ever-evolving technological advances, it has evolved into an amazing activity for the general public as it offers a very safe but extremely thrilling experience and, in very practical terms, the accomplishment of flying! Over the decades it has also developed into a sporting discipline in its own right and it has surpassed the popularity of traditional skydiving. Indoor skydiving was presented as one of the new disciplines for the next Olympic Games.  Fly X is proud to have among one of its founders and coaches, Giuseppe Cossu, Italy’s Indoor skydiving champion. 

Anyone Can Fly

Fly X is living a dream, are you ready?
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Estimate of people in the World that have experiences Indoor Skydiving since inception:

Who can do Indoor Skydiving?

Anyone can! We offer a safe, fun and overall awesome experience for all flyers!  Children from age 4. You don’t need to be an athlete or in the best shape of your life.  
Fly X supports the project Emozion-Abile. Thrilling experiences for people with mental or physical disabilities. 
Just like any other physical activity, if you have any pre-condition we suggest that you check with your physician before booking.  Not recommended for pregnant women.
Get in touch for any question or doubt.


The duration of the entire schedule is about 1hr30min from your arrival. Fly X will provide all the gear and equipment and during your stay a member of staff will help you through the various steps.

Every 30 minutes a new session starts.  Within each session we can accommodate up to 10 people. If you are more than 10, not a problem; we will combine 2 or more sessions together.

The schedule:


Upon your arrival, our staff will welcome you and will proceed with the check-in procedures. We are at your complete disposal if you have questions or need anything in particular or need additional assistance.


After being given your skydiving suit to change into you will asked to leave behind objects that may be lost during the flights (watches, bracelets, rings, etc). We provide safe lockers for your use.


Once ready, you will proceed to the training room where your instructor will be waiting for you. He/she will explain in detail the flying techniques as well as the hand-signals that he/she will possibly perform in order for you to have a better flying position. You will all do a dry-run on a bench. At the end of the training you will be provided with disposable ear plug and hair nets and you will be properly fitted with a skydiving helmet.


Time to fly!
Once ready, you will proceed to the tunnel's flight chamber where additional instructors will assist you. In turn with other participants you will enter in the flight chamber where your instructor is waiting for you. You will assume the position and, at the signal, you will let yourselves softly slide on the flow of air which is being created and amazingly...you will be flying!


After everybody's turn, one or more of our instructors will perform a very exciting indoor skydiving exhibition.


It's time for high fives!
Once the session is completed, it is time to celebrate and debrief. Your instructor will escort you back to the reception area and will continue to be at your disposal for any further questions or thoughts.