Are you Ready to Fly?

In downtown Rome the thrills of Indoor Skydiving.
The most fun sport… not on earth.

A safe, thrilling and adrenaline-filled experience for everyone

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From Ages 4 to 104

Safe for all ages. You can fly alone, with friends, as a couple or with the whole family. At Fly X anyone can fly!


Couples and Families

Is there anything more amazing than flying with your loved ones? Discover our incredible Kiss & Fly™ for 2 or 3 people or our Family X for up to 5 people

Kiss & Fly

Sport X

Our sport segment. The perfect first step to discover the sport of indoor skydiving. An ideal choice also for AFF trainees and seasoned outdoor skydivers that want to improve their freefall abilities

Fly X Events

Fly X is the perfect venue for parties, corporate events, team buildings and more. Thrill and amaze your guests with the incredible safe experience of indoor skydiving

Eventi FlyX

Fly X’s Style


The wellbeing and safety of our guests as our absolute priority. No compromises. Our staff will attentively follow you throughout your experience with us and likewise ensure that all anti-covid measures are followed to keep everyone safe. Unlike the only other wind tunnel in Italy, we are a non-recycled air wind tunnel so the air-quality is guaranteed.


Sociable, cordial and utterly professional is who we are. An extremely high-caliber, English-speaking team, lead by Italy’s Indoor Skydiving champion. Our mission statement: share with you our passion for indoor skydiving

Help & Support

We are here to help you if you need any information. We are a fluent English-speaking team so please reach out if you have any questions. You can contact us by phone, whatsapp, mail or through our social media channels and you will receive all the support that you need


Fly X proudly supports the project Emozion-Abile. Thrilling experiences open to mentally or physically disabled people. Please reach out for additional information

Flying is a thrilling Experience


Fly X’s Vertical Wind Tunnels use state-of-the-art technology powerful enough to generate a flow of vertical air that can reach 285 km/h and which eventually pushed through a 6.1m glass flight chamber can let anyone fly in complete safety.Thanks to Fly X the dream of flying and it’s wind tunnels is today possible! As with all sports ability and practice will determine the level of your flight. TRUSTPILOT
+(39) 349 133 4516

🇬🇧 We are a fluent English speaking Team